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Alarming Facts

Most foster kids blame themselves…

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Kids Family Network has a passion for helping others and was founded by a great deal of conflict and determination to help struggling families—both kids and adults.

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Enrich the lives of the families and children we serve …

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Work and partner with families and children … to resolve broken and tattered relationships.

Alarming Facts

Alarming Fact 1

Most foster children blame themselves because they have to leave home. And some fear all adults are abusive.

Alarming Fact 2

According to KIDS COUNT Data Center, over 600,000 children (under 18 years of age) are in the welfare system due to mistreatment.

Alarming Fact 3

Neglect is the most common reason (76% of cases) children enter the welfare system. Followed by physical abuse (16%) and sexual abuse (9%).

Alarming Fact 4

Up to 80% of children in foster care have significant mental health issues compared with approximately 18 to 22% of the general population.

Alarming Fact 5

The Department of Health and Human Services states that approximately 90% of children in foster care have been exposed to trauma.

Most Foster Care Kids are abused before they are forced to leave home.

A Word From Our Kids And Families

“One of the most rewarding acts of kindness is to open your heart and home to a child in need. So, please consider foster parenting.

The process to become a foster parent begins with contacting Kids Family Network and filling out our initial inquiry form. After completing and submitting the form, we will review it and then contact you. It could take a couple of days. This is true no matter where you reside.

You can find out more about our fostering recruitment and assessment policy by contacting us.”

Thank you for considering Foster Care Parenting.

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