Foster Care

A Protective Service For Families

Every child deserves to be cared for…

What Is Foster Care?

Foster care is a protective service provided to families having trouble so severe that children must be removed from their homes for a period of time.

Children are removed to ensure their physical and emotional safety.

Protective Service

If a child must be moved from her or his home, the child will be protected.

Emotional Safety

Removing a child from her or his home is to ensure the child’s physical and emotional safety.

The Primary Goal

The primary goal of foster care is to reunify families. Foster care includes supplemental family care in an approved home.

While children are residing in a foster home, a variety of services is provided to parents and children with the objective of resolving the problems that led to placement.

Reunify Families

While in an approved home, the family may receive supplemental family care.

Resolving Problems

A variety of services is provided to parents and children.

A Team Effort

Foster care is a team effort in establishing safety and permanency for children. It is not a lifetime commitment to a child, but rather a commitment to be impactful in a child’s lifetime while he or she is in care.


Foster parents are licensed by the agency to care for children.


Youth learn the warmth and love of comfort from loving parents.

Foster Care Parents

The foster parent has many roles. As an agency, we consider our foster parents as our major resource for our children who need to be placed in a foster home. It is from the hands of foster parents that youth can learn that foster care can be a tool of healing and not harming. It is from the welcoming arms of a foster parent that youth learn the warmth and comfort of love.

A Happy Foster Family

Most foster children blame themselves because they have to leave home. Some fear all adults are abusive.
Learn some other alarming facts about children.

Foster Parents Are Licensed


Foster parents are licensed by the agency to care for children who must temporarily leave their homes. Some children have been a product of abuse and neglect and have been removed from their homes for their own protection. Others need care because the families are experiencing a crisis and the needs of the children cannot be met in the home.


Essential to becoming a foster parent with our agency, the knowledge our foster parents have to change the lives of the children placed with them is crucial. With our foster parents, children become part of a nurturing foster family that helps them to grow. Healing can occur because children are provided a save and nurturing environment.

Foster parents provide transportation to school and various appointments; teach basic skills such as proper health and hygiene, social skills, and life skills. The role of the foster parent is central to the success. Foster Parents serve as in-home treatment agents, implementing strategies specified in a child’s treatment plan.

A Group Of Happy Kids In Foster Care

Foster Care Requirements

Must be at least 21 years of age

Can be married or single

Have a valid DL or ID card

Attend trainings inside or outside of their homes, at their convenience

Obtain CPR/First Aid Certification

Obtain TB Testing for all household members

Undergo a criminal background check

Have a space for a child in their home

Vaccinate all pets

Have a love of children and desire to foster children in need

Agree to a non-physical discipline policy

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