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What is Kids Family Network?

Kids Family Network is a non-profit organization registered with Texas Secretary of State Business Registration and founded by Tasha Bowie, a nurse who wanted to help homeless children and their families.

Its purpose is to help-high risk children in foster care develop into healthy and successful adults.

Is Kids Family Network just for kids?

No. Kids Family Network is a champion organization that helps chldren, teens, families and communities.

What does Kids Family Network believe about helping kids?

Our principles are based upon the belief that the best place for children to gorw up is in a loving family atmosphere.

Our philosophy is to always do whatever it takes to help children and teens successfully overcome the toughest odds and create bright futures.

How does Kids Family Network help and support adults?

Foster parents shall be supported by an agency team of case managers, home developers, trainers and Child Placement Management Staff that will provide in-home agency support.

Why are there so many kids that need the special help that Kids Family Network provides?

According to Kids Count Data Center, over 600,000 children under 18 years of age are in the welfare system due to mistreatment.

76% of those cases is because of neglect. Physical abuse is reported at 16% and sexual abuse is reported at 9%.

80% of children in foster care have significant mental health issues and 90% have been exposed to trauma (reported by The Department of Health and Human Services).


What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a protective service provided to families that have severe problems. The children are removed from their home for their safety and placed in a foster home for a period of time.

How does Foster Care help?

While children are residing in a foster home, a variety of services is provided to parents and children such as supplemental family care.

The resulting goal is to resolve the problems and unite the family.

What is a Foster Parent?

A Foster Parent, or parents, is an adult who is registered and licensed by the agency to care for children who have temporarily left their homes.

Who can be a Foster Parent?

Foster Parents must be at least 21 years of age. They can be married or single, have a valid driver’s license (or ID card), have room in their home for a child, and agree to a non-physical discipline policy.

There are other requirements that can be viewed here.

What should a Foster Parent do for a Foster Child?

Foster parents have many roles as they are the major resource for the well being of the child placed in their home.

Among other things, they should express love and care, provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere, and teach each child basic skills such as hygiene, social skills, and life skills.

The idea is to help the child to feel wanted and loved so he, she can heal and grow to be a normal, responsible adult.

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3200 S. Carrier Parkway Ste. 105
Grand Prairie, TX 75052



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